But I think we can all be experts with the installation of blinds.  Here is a quick primer there is not much to it, 4 screws and you’re done.  2 go through the bar and two go into “cord keepers”


Watch this video



A few tips I also relay-


  • Its best to use a hand screwdriver as the plastic is a bit delicate and can strip out if using a screw gun.


  • When installing the "cord keeper" be sure to pull the cord tight before installing the second one, this stretches a spring inside the blind.  This spring is what keeps the blinds tight for years to come as the cords may stretch slightly over time, it’s the tension that stops the blinds from sliding up or down on their own.


  • No two doors are the same!!!  Each door has a different blind to fit it (this is true of GM and Ford both)  Everyone seems to think this or that window is the same size, not true!.  The sizes of each blind are listed on the website. 


  • I guess there is one exception on the GM vans with dual side entry doors on both passenger and driver side, each door front 60% and rear 40% take their respective blinds for either side of the van. 


See photo for detail

 conversion van 60 - 40 doors


If someone says  the rear cargo blind doesn’t fit and they have a GM van it might be because the bar is mounted on the bottom of the window and they are pulled up to close.  All the other windows typically pull down to close and up to open and this co.  People often also look at the size of the two rear cargo blinds on a GM and say they should be the same.  But ours are slightly different to accommodate the door latching mechanism

 rear door vanrear door van


See the one on the right is just a bit smaller, see the latch in the upper left of that photo?  That’s why.