Waldoch Paint Codes:
1. Paint Codes would be in the glove box or driver door jam. If not we don’t have all the paint codes on file, anything 2006+ we do keep on file. 
2. Waldoch DOES use factory color for paint jobs (Ford, GM, Chryser).
3. Using a chip bok with factory colors will help identify color codes
(note a GM vehicle may have ford or dodge colors etc.) Email: info@waldoch.com if you have any questions.

Real Fire truck Waldoch GMCchevy yellow truck design waldoch Ram Custom paint truck

Please Call 1-866-Waldoch if you have any questions. 

Paint vs. Graphics:
1. Waldoch paint could FEEL like a graphic to a person. Make Sure They know it’s layer’s of paint.
2. A GRAPHIC or STICKER can be pealed in the corner.
3. Open the door, look inside vinyl will wrap the edge. Paint will blur and spread
4.  Have them send a photo if they are unsure. info@waldoch.com 

Graphic / Decal Below in pictures (Tan & Red Van)                   Custom Paint Below (Chevy White, Tan Van)

waldoch custom decal on van waldoch old paint job waldoch tape graphic vanWaldoch Van Custom Paint

Graphic/ Decal/ Sticker Above                                                                                            Custom Paint Above