Ford Transit 2015 Fog Light Transit Bumper Lights

Ford Transit 2015 Fog Light Transit Bumper Lights
Brand New Fog Lights for Ford Transit 2015 and up
Comes with both Right and Left bezeland lights.
Comes Unpainted. Paint to match color of vehicle


Brand New Fog Lights for the full size Ford Transit 2015 and up. Waldoch Designed this fog light kit mount for the 2014 SEMA show where their van was displayed in the Ford Booth. After getting a lot of people that wanted the fog light Waldoch made a mold and now is selling the Fog light. It is a very easy mount that you stick and glue on to the front of the bumper, you can either leave it unpainted or custom paint it. You have to cut a hold in the bumper and it mounts right on the front on each side of the plastic factory bumper. this kit comes with the Sylvania lights. You can either hook them up to a switch or wire them directly to the factory switch depending on which transit model you have.

Click here for installation template  -  just print it out cut on the cut line and tape it together fits on two standard 8.5x11 sheets of paper!