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  1. Waldoch White Starr LED Light With Nut 1.25" 012-5500-1

    Give your passengers some much needed light with a while starr LED light for conversion vans. This light features three small LEDs designed to work together to provide optimal light for your vehicle's interior. Learn More
  2. Waldoch Halogen Co-Pilot Light With 18" Arm For Conversion Vans 3001175

    These map lights are ideal for sidewalls, drink trays and dashboards. Switch is incorporated into light design. Feature flexible arm for versatility. Black finish. Learn More
  3. Waldoch Europa Surface Mount Reading Lights For Van 6001015

    Reading lights feature prismatic reflector system for bright, directional beams of light. Separate switches for each globe. You will be able to see much better in your conversion van with this light. Learn More
  4. Waldoch Courtesy Lights On Off Switch For Conversion Vans 3010

    This simple switch for your interior courtesy lights makes putting the kids to bed while on the road a breeze. Simply flip the switch and the lights are off! Black plastic construction. Learn More
  5. Waldoch Dimmer Switch For Interior Lights In Conversion Vans AT-RLD-5-LS01

    Set the mood in your conversion van with a light dimmer switch. Allows lights to be turned down low or on full blast for maximum lighting. This product also acts as an on/off switch as well. Learn More
  6. Waldoch Low Profile Dual Interior Light For Vans AT-ILP2-305-1

    These all new interior lights will quickly become the standard by which all interior lights will be rated. From OEM styling and serviceability, to low profile quick mount (patented) cam locks for simple install. Learn More
  7. Waldoch Six LED Cab Light For Conversion Vans 061-5450-1

    Add some extra lighting to your conversion van with a cab light with six LEDs. The light comes on with a simple touch push on the light itself, and has a lifespan rated at 50,000 hours. Learn More
  8. Waldoch Dual Adjustable Europa Lights With Center Dome Light 6001061

    Give those in your vehicle some additional light to read or do other activities with a this three light fixture (two adjustable and fixed center dome). Manual controls. Learn More
  9. Waldoch LED Light Strip Soft White 15' Nine LEDs Per Foot SLED16.9WT

    Light up your conversion van's interior with a 15' LED light strip. Featuring nine individual LEDs per foot, this strip is sure to provide a comfortable feel and just the right amount of light in your vehicle. Learn More

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9 Item(s)