Waldoch Six LED Cab Light For Conversion Vans 061-5450-1

Waldoch Six LED Cab Light For Conversion Vans 061-5450-1
Add some extra lighting to your conversion van with a cab light with six LEDs. The light comes on with a simple touch push on the light itself, and has a lifespan rated at 50,000 hours.


White 6-LED Compartment Light. It operates 12 volt DC systems. Draws 120 milliamperes. Size is 5.50-inch long x 3.63-inch wide x 1.25-inch diameter. Rated at 50,000 hours of service life, this light is shock and vibration proof. Built-in push lens for on/off position. It can be mounted surface or flush mount (bezel can be removed) as it features two hole mount. This light is manufactured from UV resistant materials. 


Why are there 3 wires? Thats so you can wire them as dome lights and map lights.

 1 wire black = ground

 1 wire (either one) dome circuit (on when door open) the other 1 wire, goes to accessory (on when key is on)

 And get this it doesn’t matter which wire goes where!  Just click the lens and the performance changes from dome triggered  to "on",  or "on" to dome triggered!